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Espiritu Santo Land Grant

“Espiritu Santo” Grant

Original Grantee Jose Salvador De La Garza
284,415.8 acres, Cameron County, Texas. Abstract C-2. Granted by Spain, 1781. Bourland and Miller Report, pp 47 and 48. Feliciana Goseascochea de Tijerina, for herself and other heirs, Doña Maria de los Angeles Garcia de Tarnava, Ramon Lafon and their heirs, Estefana Goseascochea and her heirs, Don Manuel Prieto and his heirs, Don Rafael Garcia Cabazos and his wife Doña Maria Josefa Cabazos and their heirs apply separately as specified in their petitions for the confirmation of a certain tract of land called “El Potrero” or “El Agostadero del Espiritu Santo” containing fifty-nine and a half leagues originally granted to Don Jose Salvador de la Garza by the old Spanish government in 1781. Witnesses prove the validity of the original grant, the occupation and cultivation of the lands by the original grantee and his descendants for the last sixty years, having thereon numerous herds of stock, many tenants and servants sufficient to occupy the whole extent of 59 ½ leagues; and that said original grantee’s descendants and tenants continued to occupy and hold absolute possession of said tract, never having abandoned it at any time because of Indian incursions, down to the approach of the U. S. Army in 1846; and all government dues were regularly paid by the parties interested. [Confirmed by Legislature, Act of February 10, 1852. Patented June 21, 1859; No. 968, Vol. 12. General Land Office File San Patricio 1-432.]
Partial text of No. 137 grant as stated in the Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in Texas
Texas General Land Office
Land Commissioner, 1988


saints said...

Heirs of Manuel Prieto
Camargo Documents:
An Inventory of Camargo Documents at the Texas State Archives, 1798-1941, bulk 1806-1810, 1830-1835....Salinas v. Treviño file
Juan José Salinas v. José Ygnacio de Treviño, 1809-1810,
These are legal records of a suit between Juan José Salinas v. José Ygnacio de Treviño, dating 1809-1810 (pages 1 through 43). Juan José Salinas laid claim to land belonging to Pedro López Prieto. Since López Prieto was on the Texas-Louisiana frontier as a soldier, he appointed José Ygnacio de Treviño (who was also his brother-in-law) as his attorney and representative.

Page 10: Letter From Pedro López Prieto To The Governor Explaining Why This Land Belongs To Him. [He claims that Ygnacio de Ayala bought the land from his servant, Juan Gerónimo Vásquez, who received it when Fernando Palacios was giving out grants. After Ayala died, Prieto married his widow and so has been in possession of the land since 1787. María Josefa de Treviño, his wife, rented out the land to Pedro José Villarreal and therefore Salinas has not been allowed on the land. His neighbors can confirm this story. He cannot present original title since he is in Texas defending the Texas-Louisiana frontier and he does not have his personal papers with him. This land, however, is right next to his own land which he was granted. He has more right to it since he is not a stranger like Salinas is. Furthermore, the land is useless without the larger piece of land which he owns. He therefore petitions the governor to refuse the claim of Salinas. José Ygnacio de Treviño is his attorney and will represent him since he is away.]
Provided by Phyliss Esparza

Anonymous said...

she was an ancestor of mine. she was pretty awesome. my grandfather set up a marker by a site she designated as her burial site.

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Hi I don't know if anyone has access to this blog anymore but I have paperwork for Espirito Santo Grant. hopefully someone can contact me.

saints said...

Lori contact me at

Monica Cliften said...

Hi Lori. You can contact me at My sister and I are working on piecing our Galvez/Arizmendi genealogy and came across this grant as part of its history.

Gates Mueller said...

If anyone has any information that they can provide about ancestry or documents regarding the Espirito Santo Grant I would really appreciate it. I am a landman working for a client that is an ancestor to Maria Josefa Cabazos and am trying to trace back any ownership she may have in the mineral rights. Please send me a message at